15.07.2021 - 15.07.2021 / Tagung Nr. 28-1-21

Teaching the Nakba and/or the Holocaust to Jewish, Non-Jewish, Palestinian and Migrant Students in Israel and Germany

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Tel Aviv und dem Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv

Leitung: Michael Mayer / Roy Weintraub

Sekretariat: Viktoria Aratsch, Tel.: 08158 / 256-47

Holocaust Education has become an integral part of the educational system both in Israel and Germany. However, there are specific differences in the way how the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany are taught in schools and institutions in both countries. Furthermore, Holocaust Education has to deal with the problem that parts of the population, especially Arabic Israelis and students coming from migrant families in Germany, sometimes seem to have different approaches on how to interpret the Holocaust. This special view might, in some cases, be influenced by the role the Nakba, the displacement of a majority of the Palestinian people in 1948, is narrated in families and communities. Our conference aims at addressing these questions to be able to discuss the way an interconnected history might be taught at schools in Israel and Germany.