The Akademie für Politische Bildung (Scholarship - Education - Public Services)

Since 1957 a unique institution

Akademie für Politische Bildung

What does the academy represent

The Akademie für Politische Bildung (Scholarship - Education - Public Services) is

  • An independent, publicly funded forum for the training of teachers, professionals and academics. It is also a research institution in the fields of political and social sciences, history, economics and media studies
  • A venue for communication and information on current and general topics of both national as well as international political interest
  • A space to critically discuss contemporary history
  • A place for the advanced political education of professionals, teachers and academics working at a host of different public and private institutions
  • A meeting point where politicians and scholars  research and discuss civic education and gather with citizens to exchange views to create more citizen-friendly policies
  • A place for scientific research and issuing politically relevant publications

The basis of our work

We have dedicated ourselves to the delivery, stimulation and cultivation of political knowledge in Bavaria and Germany above all party lines. Thus we are working towards a stronger foundation of our democracy and its international relations. Not only do we keep a focus on state and federal policies, but to various sites of political processes worldwide and pick up on the latest topics in politics, economy and society and make them a subject of discussion.

The academy was founded by the Bavarian Parliament in 1957 as an autonomous and independent public-law institution. The academy is financed by the Free State of Bavaria, but retains full independence in the statutory framework set forth by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture and Education. It cannot be compared to any other institution for political education in Germany.

We conduct – partially in cooperation with other partners – courses, seminars, workshops and scholarly conferences on our own premises in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg. Besides that, we arrange conferences and roundtable discussions with politicians and other figures of public prominence throughout Bavaria. Most of the seminars we offer are organized by our own renowned experts who invite subject familiar professionals from all over the world. In exceptional cases, we host seminars with other institutions. Our biannual program is available in German.

Our focus points

  • The core values of democracy
  • Philosophy and ethical foundations of politics
  • Political education
  • Domestic policy
  • Constitutional and legal policy
  • Political public relations and media
  • Educational policy
  • Environment and ecology
  • Economic and social policy
  • European Union/Europe
  • International and global politics
  • Contemporary history and historical foundations of politics