29.04.2024 - 30.04.2024 / Tagung Nr. 18-4-24
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International Academy: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulation

Challenges for Ethics and Compliance Professionals in Healthcare Industry

In cooperation with ETHICS - International Society of Healthcare Ethics and Compliance Professionals and Clifford Chance and with support of the Voluntary-Self Regulation of The Pharmaceutical Industry FSA e.v.

Leitung: Michael Spieker / Michael Bartke

Sekretariat: Iryna Bielefeld, Tel.: 08158 / 256-53

Ecological, social and corporate sustainability is gaining more importance for companies through new legislations on the European as well as national level. The new ESG (environmental, social, governance) regulation in Europe represents new challenges for companies, organisations and their representatives. Structural changes, process changes and behaviour changing will be necessary. The new ESG regulations will heavily influence the reporting and analyzing obligations for most companies in Europe. How can the ethics and compliance function support the evolution of ESG programs in Healthcare companies? This international, interactive ESG workshop will answer the questions and cover: •Benchmarking the practical approach taken by healthcare and other companies, small and large, to bring ESG programs to life. To which existing functions are ESG responsibilities allocated (ethics and compliance, legal, finance, sustainability or full integration into business functions)? •How ethics and compliance professionals can help the CEO/board/advisory board to develop an overall ESG strategy based on their experience in driving ethical and integer business conduct and creating value for the organisation. •Identifying and sharing the tools which we have in the ethics and compliance toolkit that are suited to achieve the ESG goals and to support the implementation of an ESG program. We are looking forward to meeting you in Tutzing.