Internationale Akademie: Communicating Secret Intelligence

19.06.2020 - 21.06.2020 / Tagung Nr. 25-1-20

Conference in Cooperation with the Ruhr-University research program "Security and the Public Sphere" and the International Intelligence History Association

Leitung: Michael Mayer / Michael Wala

Sekretariat: Antonia Kreitner, Tel: 08158-256-58

Communication is at the very core of secret intelligence. Information collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination, all entail some kind of communication. Intelligence agencies need to plan and they provide direction, partners need to be informed. Channels of communication have to be selected and secured against unauthorized access. The product - knowledge constructed in a specific setting based on information - will have to be carefully weighed and formulated so that decision-makers are provided with the support they need. Also, more and more, intelligence agencies are called upon by an increasingly critical public to make transparent their sources and methods, collection methods, and the extent of their intrusion into the private sphere through covered operations and personal data collection. International experts will address these aspects over a broad range of topics, both in terms of periods covered and of the focus of the presentations, to provide for a wide discussion of the various facets of communication and secret intelligence.