15.06.2023 - 17.06.2023 / Tagung Nr. 24-1-23

Internationale Akademie: Between Storytelling and Conversation: The Future of Science Communication

In Kooperation mit der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Leitung: Kinza Khan / Bernhard Goodwin

Sekretariat: Iryna Bielefeld, Tel.: 08158 / 256-53

Science communication is experiencing a significant period of change. Discussions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the limitations of traditional, top-down approaches to science communication and catalyzed discussions about trust in scientific institutions. This symposium will explore these issues and the moral and epistemic challenges associated with persuasive strategies employed by scientists. The symposium will feature leading practitioners and scholars in science storytelling, including journalists, science influencers, and science communication researchers. Our program includes some of the prominent minds in the field. With the symposium, we aim to exchange ideas, deepen cooperation, identify emerging issues, exchange best practices for science communication training for scientists, and develop open- access publications.