05.03.2018 - 07.03.2018 / Tagung Nr. 10-1-18*

American Politics and the Media

Lehrkräftefortbildung in Kooperation mit der ALP Dillingen

Leitung: Saskia Hieber / Gerhard Finster

Sekretariat: Viktoria Aratsch, Tel.: 08158 / 256-47

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Most Americans have a cell phone and computer access these days, while others have moved to a purely digital existence. There are thousands of cable TV channels and satellite radio stations, millions of bloggers, and literally billions of Web pages produced in and by the USA. Social media have changed the way organizations, political parties and candidates attract supporters. The media today are more diffuse and appear more chaotic than ever. The objective of this course will be to investigate the development of the American media state from the late 20th century down to our 21st hyper-digital era. We shall try to clarify how key media have enhanced and altered the nature of US politics, the civic community and the USA‘s methods of political engagement, plus offering pedagogical strategies for dealing with the U.S. in the classroom.